Candace Gregory has over 36 years experience in Healthcare and has been a registered nurse for 30 years. She holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Nursing and a Duke University certification as an Integrative Health Coach. She is also a board certified Nurse Coach through the American Holistic Nursing Association.

Candace’s nursing background began in emergency and critical care both as a Paramedic and an RN. She is currently focused in Healthcare IT and holds an American Nurses Association Certification in Nursing Informatics. Candace works as an independent consultant managing multi-million dollar implementations and facilitating change by guiding large healthcare organizations through process identification and re-design.

Candace has long believed in the value of prevention and being pro-active whether it is in one's business or health. She helps clients identify areas that they want to change both in their professional and personal lives. Candace works with clients who are seeking to bring balance back into their life. This is accomplished by incorporating the mind, body and spirit to help the client develop a plan they can use to lead their best life possible.

Candace has worked in some of the most stressful fields of health care and has seen the direct impact that stress can have on one�s emotional and physical well being. She understands the relationship that nutrition, stress, holistic care, alternative therapies and western medicine plays in one�s overall health and well being and is committed to helping clients deepen their learning and forward their action toward living a fulfilling life.